Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Swag!

Happy Sunday, gang! Yesterday I received two more of my Ebay conquests in the mail, and it was just like Christmas in January! The first is the Mego Neptunian from their Star Trek Aliens line, and he is in pretty decent shape with good paint, no stains and tight joints. The negatives are that he is missing his gloves, has some runs around the collar area of his costume, and his underarm wings are a little sun-bleached. All in all not bad for $15!

I also received the second volume to the Red-Hulk saga with mind-blowing art from Frank "voloptuous babes inc." Cho and the monster master; Arthur Adams. I've never been a huge Hulk fan, but this storyline has got me hooked! I can't wait to see the "Planet Hulk" animated film! I scored this one for $10.38 + 3.99 shipping, which is still a couple of bucks cheaper than retail.

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