Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Angry Rant of The Day

OK, let me set the scene for you; it's nearly midnight last night, and I'm sleeping soundly dreaming of boobies or beer or something, and all of a sudden, a friggin' dump truck is bearing down on our front door at full speed! I jump out of bed and race to the window only to see that it is not a dumptruck, but some jerkoff on a snowmobile driving across our front lawn! Before I could shake my fist, he jumps the snowbank and races down the street. So I mumble to my wife about folks sleeping and inconsiderate pricks, and get back to bed.

Then, as I'm almost back to slumberland, I hear him AGAIN! This time, he's barreling down the street at full throttle and it sounds like his engine is about to explode! I consider getting dressed and going out to drop-kick him off his machine, but he's always gone before I could make it to the front door. At one point, I even consider putting up a clothesline at chest level as this occured four more times!

So my question to you folks is; what the Hell is wrong with people?!? I don't know who the guy was, but I could tell from the window that he was probably in his thirties; plenty old enough to know better! Oh well, maybe I'll get a pellet gun and keep the window cracked. End of rant.

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