Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ain't it The Truth!

I was made so many grand promises when I was in college. By my professor's predictions, I should be raking in six figures and preparing for an early retirement by now. WHERE THE HELL IS MY LAKE HOUSE MR. SIMPSON?!?! ANSWER ME THAT!!!!


  1. Good grief. No kidding. I've actually gotten TWO Associate Degrees in in Graphic Design and am looking for a full time job at places like Costco and UPS right now. The market is crap.

    I've been freelancing, but all of my clients are falling away as their money runs out, or their products don't sell in this penny-pinching era where everyone is broke.

    Your graphic really sums in up. *sigh*

  2. Oh well, it's gotta turn around one of these days. I'm considering doing some art shows and conventions. It would be nice if I could support myself with my art.

  3. I am too 'smart' to get a job...or at least I have determined what 'overqualified' means...yea, considering bashing my head against a wall to drop a few I.Q. points......whatcha think....oh, I stopped watching Little House on the Prairie reruns....the damn Anthrax episode nearly killed me and I can't really afford the tissues right now.......