Thursday, December 24, 2009

Just Before I was Rushed to The Emergency Room...

Hey gang, see that big mound of snow at the bottom of the hill? Well, I thought it would be sooo cool if my out of shape & out of practice a$$ could go from the top of that hill, get as much speed as I could, and do an awesome jump right off that snow mound! I remember doing a couple of semi-decent practice runs, and, as my kids would later tell me, I tried to hit it at full speed and do a flip and land gracefully on the other side.
Didn' out...that way! Turns out, I landed square on the 'ol noggin, took a little nap, and then wandered home with the kids like nothing ever happened. It wasn't until I started repeating myself and then telling the kids that it was OK to open their Christmas presents, that my wife suspected that something was amiss. I apparently very casually told her that I may have blacked out for a bit, but that I was OK.
Long story short, an hour later I'm in the emergency room having a cat-scan! Turns out that I have a pretty good concussion, and I remember hardly anything of the past few days, which my children have been having a bit of fun with. Anywhoo, I won't be posting much if at all today, but I just wanted to tell you guys to have the most Merriest of Christmases and to remember that it truly is a wonderful life!


  1. Man! That sucks. Get well soon....

  2. Dan your a crazy guy! Be Careful, your old! Merry Christmas!

  3. mama said you dont even remember talking to me!!

  4. Thanks guys - sorry Jackie, but I don't remember talking to you. However, I apparently kept my humor throughout the ordeal; my wife tells me that as they were wheeling me to get my catscan, I passed by a mirror and declared; "HOLY CRAP - I'M WHITE?!? Oh yeah, I've still got it! Merry Christmas!