Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Swag!

I got this giant robo at "Fun Box Monster Emporium"; a place I've blogged about before & one of my all-time favorite shops!

My parent's gave my kids a new X-Box 360 - I can't wait to pick up "Left 4 Dead 2"!

My youngest scored big with playsets!

Santa was very generous this year!

Some of my gifts - I'll have plenty of reading material for a while!

My parents got my wife this sweet coffee maker that make a cup at a time - I LOVE it!

I got myself this ultra-comfy futon for the lair; now we can watch movies and TV on the internet in comfort!

Hey gang - I hope everyone out there had an awesome Christmas; I know we did! The kids made out like bandits as usual, and the wife and I bought furniture for the house in lieu of presents for each other. I'm finally lucid enough to make a coherent post, so hopefully things will get back to normal. It's weird though; I've never had amnesia before, and it's incredibly frustrating! I'm dying to get back on my board, but I'll have to wait another week according to my doctor. Sadly though, I think my days of mid-air flips are now officially over (under threat of death from the wife). So what'd you guys get? If you want to send me some pics, I'd be happy to post them!

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  1. Good times! We received some of those Beatles glasses too!