Friday, November 6, 2009

My Review of The New "V" Series...

I keep forgetting to post about this, but I watched the premiere of the newly revamped 80's series "V" Tuesday night. I really wasn't expecting much as I am getting tired of the whole "take an old show or movie and remake it for a new generation" thing, but I really enjoyed the original mini series, although I barely remember the TV series, I've heard that I didn't miss much. I also heard quite a few stellar reviews for the new show, so I figger; why not? I was completely BLOWN AWAY! This isn't just another rehash of an old idea; this show is updated for the times - cleverly integrating current events into the storyline, the arrival of the visitors, along with the uprising of the human resistance who don't trust the visitors, looks like something that could be plucked from today's headlines. There is no lull in the action; the show hits the floor running and doesn't allow you to catch your breath as it whips through the storyline. If you missed it, Hulu & will have it on their site starting tomorrow. Since Lost will be wrapping up this season, V & Flash Forward are more than suitable replacements for your mystery/sci-fi/thriller/WTF fix!

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