Tuesday, November 24, 2009

DREDD Returns to The Screen?

Former 2000AD artist Mark Simpson, known under the pen name "Jock" recently twitted about a meeting with DNA films in London regarding a Judge Dredd film project. Here is the original tweet;

"then a DREDD movie meeting with DNA in london on monday. really glad not to be missing this weekend."

No director as yet has been confirmed for the comic book project. Maybe after the Monday we'll have much more news."

The movie is set up with DNA Films and Fox Searchlight. Producer is Allon Reich who did (28 Weeks Later) and his partner in crime Alex Garland too is writing the film. Pictured above is some of the conceptual art he created for the meeting. After the 1995 Stallone debacle, I certainly hope they get it right this time! I would love to see either an unknown, Clive Owen or Gerard Butler as Dredd, but he'll need to keep the helmet on for all or most of the movie! I would also love to see Judge Death and the other Dark Judges as the main villains. This is one of the best sci-fi comics of all time, and the movie-makers have a golden opportunity to have a seriously viable franchise on their hands as long as they remain faithful to the source material.
Via SuperHeroHype.

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