Friday, November 20, 2009

AWESOME New Apple Product!

First there was catalog shopping, which relieved us of the hassle of having to fight crowds and expose ourselves to nasty viruses at the local mall. All we had to do is call the operator at Sears, place our order, and go out to our mailbox when it arrived. Then, there was internet shopping, that still allowed us to shop from home, and even though we didn't have to talk to anyone over the phone, we still had to make that tiresome walk to the mailbox each day until our package arrived, thereby risking exposure to the elements and whatever annoying neighbors that may be lurking about. But soon, you won't even have to leave your house at all! That's right, with the soon-to-be-released i-Make, you will be able to purchase products from i-Tunes just like you do now, but instead of waiting for your song or video to download, you will watch as the i-Make creates it right on your desktop! From the Apple article;

“iMake is a desktop manufacturing system based on the RepRap (, an open-source 3D rapid prototyping technology. Apple led the way in the desktop publishing revolution, and now it’s leading the way in the desktop manufacturing revolution. With iMake, you can make your own small products at home, such as Bluetooth headsets, iPods with unique form factors, wristwatches, eyeglasses, door knobs, and more. To create a product, you visit the iTunes Store to choose from among tens of thousands of product designs--prices range from free to $9.99--purchasing one just as you would a song, video, or app. The 3D data is sent to the iMake, which builds the parts, layer by layer, out of high-quality plastic. The iMake will also make the circuit boards. Then, all you do is snap the pieces together! After purchasing a 3D model from the iTunes Store, it takes about 15 minutes to print a 3D part."

Now how awesome is that gonna be?!? Pretty damn sweet if it weren't complete and utter bull$hit! That's right, I got you drooling all over your keyboard and manically fumbling through your wallet looking for your credit card to secure your pre-order of a big awesome box o' nuttin'! This is, in fact, an imagined Apple product of the future by the founder of Boing-Boing and tech journalist; Mark Frauenfelder. You can read the entire article and see other super-sweet imagined products of the future here.

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