Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yesterday Was a Good Day!

I had to pull my oldest son out of school yesterday to take him to an allergist in Portland, and since he did such a good job at being patient and well-behaved while they were poking and prodding him for two hours, I decided to reward him by taking him to his (and mine) two favorite places; Newbury Comics and the Super Great Wall Buffet. At Newbury, he chose to buy a Munny; a customizable vinyl figure that he has been wanting for some time. I also got my youngest a new Ghost Rider tumbler, since he dropped and broke his old one. I only bought a couple of comics; and upon getting home, I realized that I already had one of them! DAMN! Anywho, the weather was perfect, we got some cool swag, and we made ourselves good and miserable at the buffet! Man, you wouldn't think that you would find some good rack o' lamb at a chinese buffet, but this place had some of the best I've had!


  1. Whats wrong with the bean?

  2. He's had really bad allergies for some time now, so we wanted to find out exactly what he is allergic to; dust mites, dog saliva and urine. I don't know how I'm going to keep the dog urine away from him!