Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tumbler Roundup: Only The Best For You Guys!

Classic EC!


Great band... even better album artwork.

The only reason I put this one up was to piss my wife off.

EPIC wedding cake!

I love Elvis Costello.

I love vintage Halloween ads.

This art reminds me of "Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends"

Proposal FAIL!

Clever art is my favorite art.

Sigh...I miss the old Ice Cube.

No, it certainly will not.

Skulls + colors make me smile.

If you have never seen this, watch it NOW!

This is not in my house...

Classic Bardot? Yes, please.

Elton John in "Tommy"

How my friend Timmy spends his days. (Minus trying to fix the copier)

His dudeness...

I usually loathe Dilbert, but this is pretty damn funny.

I wish I had this chart twelve years ago. Would've saved me lots of grief...

Via SkullSwap, MobSeen, Figout, BronzAge, RetroSpaceZeta, and HeWhoCanotBeNamed.

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