Friday, October 9, 2009

I Love My Wife!

For my wife's birthday, we went out to dinner (Pu-Pu for 2 & a big 'ol Scorpion Bowl) and to the movie "Julie & Julia". Yeah, I really took a hit for the team on THAT one! Anywho, the character of Julie and her husband have an apartment where a poster for the 1950's shlock-horror fest "Attack of The Crab Monsters" is prominantly displayed in the living room. Upon seeing this, my wife leans over and says; "When we move, we should get a 50's style horror or sci-fi poster like that framed & matted for the living room. You know, the kind where the monster is carrying the girl" Yes, that's right, she said LIVING ROOM. Not my office, the rec room, or the basement.
So now, I have been scanning the interwebs in search of the perfect living room poster. bove are a few of my faves. There is a site called "MovieGoods" that has an INCREDIBLE selection - you should check it out.

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