Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween in The 70's!

I was Gene for Halloween of 1979 - my mom made an AWESOME costume for me!

I wore this Spiderman costume for Halloween 1976.

Does anyone remember these costumes? Weren't they the worst?

Man, I would have been all about that Red Skull costume when I was a kid!

Wasn't the best day at school the day you got to wear your costume and walk in the parade? Ah, good times! I don't even think kids do that anymore :-(

Wow - Baron Karza. The poor man's Darth Vader.

I scoured Flickr for the best Halloween pictures from the 1970's. Boy, have the costumes come a long way!


  1. Yeah those costumes were sucky but thy sure are fun to look at! I dont think they do the Halloween parades in the halls anymore either, and that makes me sad. I think the kids dont even dress up at alot of schools.

  2. They don't - at least mine don't. It is sad; I can vividly remember how much fun that was!