Thursday, October 8, 2009

From My Collection; Great Horror Comic Book Covers!

Today's offering comes from "The House of Mystery" #261, October 1978. I got this directly from the rack at the tender age of six (yes, I still have most of my comics from childhood). The cover features art by the talented Michael W. Kaluta. To this day, it's sill one of my favorite covers.


  1. damn Dano you are lucky to have all these books from when you were a kid! This cover rocks. I love the blend of colors and of course, the creepiness. DC needs to reprint these and recolor the panels inside. I think they were only reissued in B&W which sucks! Or, they should do them in motion comic format...I would buy them all! lol

  2. I'm right there with ya Jay! I'm extremely lucky that I had parents who never threw anything out! Just last month, I went home, and my mom found a huge pile of toys and comics that I thought were lost forever. I probably have 75% of the comics that I bought as a kid. I'll scan more covers when we move and I unpack the rest of my collection.