Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Today's Adventure!

Coming over the bridge into Biloxi; we hit a huge storm & had to pull over at the mall.

Metallica Converse? Yes, Please.

This is the lobby of the Beau Rivage. Impressive, no?

Didn't know I had a little Captain in me, didja?

Gorgeous bar in the casino.

Oh yeah, I HAD to play this machine - won $10!


Three beltloops After!

Dessert? Sure, why stop now?

This place gets some great acts!

Beautiful Frank Zappa quilt

One of Elton John's more conservative outfits.

This is cool; the Hard Rock was all set to open on August 30, 2005. On the 29th, Hurricane Katrina hit. The hotel and casino were utterly destroyed and had to be rebuilt. They found Dimebag's guitar floating in the gulf, and pulled it out. Click on this photo & you can see that the case is all banged up and dirty, and the guitar still has sand on it.

I love the Ramones. I got to see one of their last public performances - they shared a bill with Pearl Jam in New Orleans back in 1995. During the encore, Joey Ramone joined Pearl Jam for a kick-ass version of "Sonic Reducer". It was pure magic!

Steven Tyler's ugly-ass costume from the "Love in an Elevator" video shoot.

A woman saw me taking this photo and told me to go look at it closely. I did, and the whole thing is made up of folded up scraps of newspaper. Amazing.

My mom bought me this awesome Misfits shirt at "The Sound Shop" in Edgewater Mall. Thanks mom!

Today, we went to Biloxi, Mississippi. I haven't been here for years, and I was astounded to see all of those gorgeous 100+ year-old southern mansions completely wiped out, one after another. Even the old water parks, that huge souvenier shop with the giant gorilla out front, the goofy golf course with the giant dinosaurs that I would beg my folks to stop at everytime we would drive by - gone. Every blasted one.
Well, now that I've sufficiently bummed everyone out, let me tell you about my day! I know you're probably getting sick of my boring-ass vacation posts, but you know what? It's my blog, so suck it up! OK - my mom and I went to the edgewater mall where we found a great shop called "The Sound Shop" which had a whole bunch of cool swag; toys, CD's, DVD's, posters, records, books, shirts, gag gifts, practical jokes, etc. We then went over to the "Beau Rivage" hotel and Casino to meet my dad who was playing in a poker tournament. We ate at the buffet, and it totally kicked ass, and I stuffed myself until I began to cry tears of gravy!
Finally, we went to the "Hard Rock" casino and resort, where I was in awe of the memrobelia collection, aghast at the price of an Ed Hardy "skull & dagger" T-Shirt ($102.99!), and I played a "House of The Dead" slot machine until I lost $10 of the $20 I put into it. I'm not much of a gambler. Anywho, we had a great day, and I don't think I'll be eating again until Thanksgiving.

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  1. We went to the Hard Rock once and I LOVED the newspaper art.