Monday, September 7, 2009

Today's Adventure!

This was my favorite part by far - I was in utter awe.

My mom on the backside of the "mountain" She won't be happy that I posted this.

In 1994, the Army Corps of Engineers dumped a whole bunch of old tanks into the Gulf to create an artificial reef.

Look how big this place is!

Oh no - I think we've wandered into a giant's house!! RUN AWAY!!!!

My lunch at Ed's; a crabcake sandwhich. Dem's some good eats!

The alligator statue that greets you as you enter - we sat on the back deck and really saw an alligator out in the bay!

My folks house where I grew up.

Luke; my mom and dad's viscious attack dog. No, really - this dog will eat your face; luckily, I'm one of the three people he likes in the world.

My folks took me across the bay today to visit the new outdoorsman's paradise; The Bass Pro Shop Megastore, and to have lunch at Ed's; a popular local seafood resteraunt on the causeway. Now, my dad is a HUGE outdoors enthusiast; hunting, fishing, you name it! As a child, I tried to get into it, but when I was ten, I shot a squirll; it ran up the tree, let out a horrible screech, and plummeted to the ground. My dad and I found it, still twitching until dad stomped on his head and reduced it to a bloody pulp. Yup, that was it for me! As for fishing, my dad quit taking me after a while because I wouldn't stop talking and fidgeting. Now don't get me wrong; I love the outdoors. I love hiking, exploring, going out on the boat, etc. I love shooting guns, but I guess I just can't take any joy in killing.
Forgive me; I'm rambling. My point was that I expected to be bored as Hell walking around this place while my dad drooled over the newest crossbow, but I was absolutely amazed at how vast and well put together this place was! They had a huge fake rock mountain that had a waterfall that emptied into a gigantic aquarium full of monster-sized freshwater fish, stuffed animal dioramas depicting the fight for survival in the wild, awesome four-wheelers & side-by-sides, plontoon boats to die for, and even a scale replica of an Army tank jutting from the wall covered in barnacles to illustrated an artificial reef in the Gulf. If you're ever in the Eastern Shore area of Alabama you should really check it out.

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