Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Day of Travel.....

8 AM - Ready to roll!

One of these days I'm gonna smarten up and wear sandals!

Got my new book - gone through the first 75 pages, and it's a little too much Pride & Prejudice and not enough zombies.

Are we pushing out of the gate? YAY!!!

Great view of downtown Portland.

Look at all dem boats!

Cool retro diner at the Newark airport.

My dry & unsatisfying Philly Cheesesteak from Nathan's. I shoulda got a hot dog.

If you squint your eyes, you can see Manhattan.

Ronald McDonald loves you!I think he's doing the "YMCA"

This looked so frickin' sweet; it reminds me of the Bat-Pod.

I couldn't believe this - a Best Buy VENDING MACHINE!!! I sound like such a bumpkin! SHEE-OOT!


I'M STILL ON A TRAIN! I rode this all over the place just to kill time.

Rockin' out to some old-school DIO!

8 PM - Finally in Mobile!

Well, I left the house at 8:00, and made it into Mobile at 8 PM. Now that's a long day of travelin'! Luckily, all of my flights were on time, and I didn't have any other problems other than being bored out of my mind during my 3-hour layover in Houston. Is there no airports that provide free Wi-Fi anymore?!? $5 per hour - what the Hell?!?

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