Monday, September 7, 2009

Look What My Mom Found!

My over-sized comic collection - I loved getting these as a kid!

Captain America's Turbo car from "The Secret Wars"

Friction van from the 70's.

"Safari Adventure" truck, trailer & cage from Fisher-Price's "Adventure People" line from 1975.

Shaun Cassidy wearing Luke Skywalker's boots. Um...I think this must've been my sister's.

I think this Frankenstein toy originally had a shirt?

Fisher Price Ambulance from the "Adventure People" line. I remember playing with this for hours upon hours!

AWESOME Monster book w/ great illustrations.

My old pocket trades - I looked for these everywhere!

More old pocket trades.

Old comics, an Empire Strikes Back hardcover storybook, a great Jim Flora scary children's book, and a copy of "Sick" and "Cracked" magazine. Yes, I read Cracked.

My entire All-Star Squadron collection, Marvel Tales, and some bronze-age Hulk gems.

My entire "Tales of Terror" collection from Eclipse comics. I remember really liking these stories.

My parents recently cleaned out the wretched mess that is the upstairs closets, and my mom found a whole slew of lost treasures from my youth. I called my boys and told them all that was found, and they are wicked excited to see these pics. There was quite a bit more than these pictures suggest, but I figured I would just show the best stuff.

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