Sunday, September 6, 2009

Let's All Go To The FLEA MARKET!

My score for the day.

Hmmm...I don't remember Spiderman having a sword. What the?!?

Ah, the hustle and bustle of the comic shop!

My oldest son has been dying for a Venus Flytrap; sorry Logan - I don't think they'll let me bring this on the plane!

And in contention for the tackiest lamp of all time....

I came soooo close to buying this swell outfit, but wouldn't you know it; they didn't have my size!

I had some awesome sausage with my doughnuts this morning....

I love these old cookie jars!

Another view of the Comic shop.

I wanted this Superman comic, but $50 was a little rich for my blood.

The name says it all.

I came sooo close to buying this set, but wouldn't you know it; I sobered up!

The name says it all.

Was Superman 3 even worthy of it's own lunchbox? I THINK NOT!

Surprise, surprise, surprise!! Sorry - that's all I got.

Hi gang - my mom and I just got back from the world-famous Flea Market of Mobile! This is a place where you can buy roasted corn on a stick! I'm not kidding; there are people walking around eating corn like it was a popsicle! And man, I could sit there all day and just people watch! The comic shops here in Mobile closed, and this is the only place there is in town where I can get my silver-age fix. There is always a great selection of back issues as well as what's new. Plus, you can always engage in some geek-tacular conversation with the resident experts on all things wonderfully nerdy; Ron (whose last name escapes me), and Stephen Barrington.

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