Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Could Totally Live Here!!!!

Me & my beautiful niece; Jackie!

Shrimp for dinner - probably the best I've ever had!

Jackie & her husband, Todd.

The view from my parent's room.

My sister & my pops.

My parent's room - it's frickin' huge!!

I love this huge mirror in the living room!

On the balcony

Make me a margarita pops!

Our condo is amazing - I wish the weather was! The surf is up, though, and I might go rent a surfboard later. Last night was really fun; we at shrimp and made mudslides! Later, we watched "Super Fuzz" which was really funny & featured alot of the cast from "Shaun of The Dead". After the wedding this afternoon, my niece, her husband and myself might go catch "Halloween 2". I'll let ya'll know how it was. 

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