Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Great Story....

Seldom do I hear a story funny enough to re-tell it here, but this one is an exception, and the fact that it is true makes it all the more entertaining.
My wife has an aunt who is only three years older than her, who is married with two children; a three year-old boy and five year-old girl. Her aunt has a hard time with the children. So much so, she won't travel up here to Maine unless someone can go with her to assist with the kids. Anyway, she is a little tightly wound and INCREDIBLY easily embarassed - especially when it comes to the normal antics of mischevious children in public.
Let me set up the scene; they have well-to-do friends who own a lakehouse and invite them to spend the weekend with them at the lake and take the boat out. These people have no children. Instead, they have what I refer to as a"fru-fru dog". You know, those little yip-yip lapdogs with the long hair and a bow protruding from their head. The kind that are taken everywhere and treated as children. Well, apparently, these people even take their dog out for boat rides, but luckily, they have taken the precaution of fitting the dog with a little doggie life-vest. Good idea, right?
In the mind of a three-year old boy, the only thing more fun than a dog, would be a dog with a frickin' handle on it's back. "What could it be for"? "Well obviously, for picking up....and throwing."
Yes, without warning as the boat is speeding accross the lake, the boy picks up the dog by the handle, and with the tenacity of an olympic discus thrower; hurls the unlucky pup into the water! The stunned passengers could only watch as the little guy skips (yes, SKIPS) accross the lake multiple times until coming to a stop. As the pup's "mother" shrieks in horror, my wife's aunt recoils in morbid shock and embarrasment, and realizes that they will never, ever, ever be invited back to the lake.


  1. First off I must proceed my comment with I am a dog owner and love my dogs, but when I read this I laughed till I could hardly breath, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Thanks!

  2. I, too am a huge dog lover,and the dog in question was not harmed, but when my wife told me this story, I completely lost it! I had the most vivid image in my head of this dog skipping like a stone across the lake! I'm glad you enjoyed it!