Sunday, August 2, 2009


The window display for Fun Box Monster Emporium - check out the vintage KISS boardgame!

Tristan; owner of Fun Box Monster Emporium & Iron Maiden expert at large!

Local art for sale at Coast City Comics.

They had the first appearance of Kang for $30! STEAL!

These 3 will coming home with me next time...

I could spend hours going through all this stuff! Oh wait, I did spend hours going through this stuff!

The reason that I list these two shops together, is that they are really two shop in one; Coast City Comics has their side on the left, where they sell new comics, back issues, toys, T-Shirts, original art, RPG's and much more in a very comfortable and inviting space. The sales staff were happy to help and very pleasant to speak with, and they have the best prices on their back issues that I have ever seen in a comic shop! I scored five silver-age Thor comics, all in pretty damn good shape for $25!
Walk through the inside doorway into a shop that I found to be a real treat; The Fun Box Monster Emporium! (this link takes you to a site called We Hate T-Shirts, but the number will connect you with the shop). This shop is truly a feast for the eyes, but a blight on the wallet ;-). The owner, Tristan, has assembled a collection of truly staggering proportions, including vintage toys, movie posters, comics, robots, videos, games, magazines and much, much more! You'll find yourself pointing at everything and saying "hey - I used to have that!" time and time again. I felt like I was having a total geek-gasm the whole time I was in there! I spoke with Tristan for a long while, and was amazed by his movie monster, comic and toy knowledge - he had an enthusiasm only equaled by my own, as well as an uncanny ear for the vocal stylings of a certain Mr. Bruce Dickenson! Also, look for some of my own art adorning the wals of this fine establishment in the near future.
These shops have only been on the scene for about three months, but I suspect they'll only get better as time goes by! You can find them at 656 Congress St in the Old Port.