Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Favorite Etsy Items & Sellers!

Dawn of the Dead 8x8 print by henNchicks

Alla Kinda button pack 4 by AllaKinda

Stimpson J. Lantern by pokiespout

Dead Meat - 8x10 Archival Print by nikscarlett

Sacred Heart Iron-Man by Futurecap

These are just a few of the sellers and items on my Etsy favorites page; I believe henNchicks is my #1 favorite - I love his cartoony style as it is very reminiscent of Jim Flora as well as contemporary cartoons such as "Danny Phantom" and "Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends". I plan on ordering his "Dawn of The Dead" and "Sex Pistols" prints for my office, and my wife wants his "Dr. Manhatten" and "Nite Owl" prints for our living room.

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