Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Image Roundup!

Damn, it's HOT! At least in Maine it doesn't last long. Via SkullSwap.

"A Clockwork Green?" Via Skullswap.

Is that an Iron Maiden logo painted on her? Via HeWhoCannotBeNamed.

Dredd IS the law! Via HeWhoCannotBeNamed.

It's sad that she would be considered "fat" by today's standards. Here's to women with curves! Via Figout.

Nosferatu, via MonsterCrazy.

Get out your 3-D glasses for this one! Via Mobseen.

I've always wanted a bright green mohawk, but my wife would divorce me. Via Don'tJudgeMyHair

"Fear & Loathing in Marioland". Via SkullSwap.

The Beatles preparing to cross Abbey Road. Via SkullSwap.

"I'm gonna set it straight, this Watergate!" Via SkullSwap.

Hypnotize others to do your bidding. Some old comic.

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