Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm Immortalized in a Girl.

My old friend from middle school, Chris Byrd, who is now an accomplished fantasy/horror writer under the pen name "Everett Bell" has written me into one of his new stories; "The Singing Bones". Only problem is.... he made me a girl named Theresa. That's okay, though - I got a huge kick out of reading it and really enjoyed it! Here's an excerpt;

“Are your parents going to let you come?” Theresa shouted at me as I walked down the narrow isle in the school bus. “Come on man! It’s been three years since our favorite psycho was in a movie! You gotta come!” She was a tomboy with a scoliosis hump between her shoulders, and nobody loved horror movies like she did."

And while I do have minor scoliosis, I'm pleased to point out that do not have a hump. Check out his book selection on Amazon here!

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