Friday, August 14, 2009

The GI Joe Movie: My Review

My oldest son and I went and saw the GI Joe movie yesterday, and this is what I thought; First, the bad: I would've liked to have seen more recognizable characters and vehicles. Other than Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Scarlett and the Baroness - I had to wait until they were introduced to know who they were. I also would have loved to see some of the more iconic vehicles, such as the amphibious personnel carrier, Cobra Hiss tank, Cobra Rattler, etc. I also could have done with a little less Marlon Wayans; I've heard alot of flack about his performance in the film, but I was only mildly annoyed by him. Cobra Commander was a bit of a letdown; orgin-wise as well as that silly mask.

Now for the good; I LOVED Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow! The fight scenes were epic, the back story depicting the shared history between them was well done, and did I mention the awesome fight scenes? Scarlett & the Baroness were both smokin' hot and fun to watch. The accelerator suits; I may be in the minority, but I thought they were pretty cool! The action is non-stop - you will not be bored watching this film! I also felt that the special effects were very well done. I really enjoyed Dennis Quaid as General Hawk.

Overall, I would give this film 3 out of five stars. It was alot better than the previews and the internet buzz had led me to believe. and the fact that reviewers weren't permitted to screen the movie, made me apprehensive as well. As for taking your kids; it's not like the cartoon - people get shot, stabbed, and eaten by nanomites. There's not a whole lot of blood, and only one or two curse words, so I think 10 and up would be appropriate. My son is 11, and he loved it!

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