Friday, August 7, 2009

Fawcett's Toy Museum!

Yesterday, my guest blogger; Timmy Gagnon and myself made the trip to Waldoboro, Maine to visit Fawcett's Toy Museum. Tim had been there many years before, and tried to explain it to me, and while I was intrigued and happy to go, I really wasn't expecting much. Boy, was I ever Hella' WRONG! This place is room after room, from floor to ceiling, and in most instances; covering the ceiling of pure, sweet, unadulturated AWESOME!!!! I think I now own the world record for exclaiming "WOW" the most consecutive times in a given time period! This place has it all; robots, Disney, comics, superheroes, cartoon characters, western, science fiction, etc. You name it, and I'll wager that John Fawcett has at least one example of it! I took over 100 photos here, and will try to get all of them on my Flickr page, but in the meantime, click on each of these pics to enlarge them and really LOOK at each individual piece - most are in near-perfect condition, complete, and with the original packaging still intact.
If anyone is in the area, I HIGHLY recommend that you stop in. The first few rooms feature a great array of vintage collectibles for sale as well as a large room featuring brilliant art works by the owner & currator; John Fawcett. Beyond that lies the museum, which requires $5 admission. The museum is located at 3506 Route 1, in Waldoboro, Maine 3 miles North of Moody's Diner. The phone number is 207-832-7398. Tell em' 3-D Monster sent ya!

This is John Fawcett; owner of the vast collection and museum. John was incredibly warm, welcoming, and extremely interesting to speak to. He spent his professional career as an art professor at The University of Connecticut before retiring and moving to Maine in 1997, he and his wife decided that his collection had gotten so large that they should open a museum and allow the public to view it.
John started collectiong in earnest during the rise of the pop art movement of the 1960's, and has been going strong ever since. He says that he has never collected anything for investment potential; his drive and motive for collecting is simple - he buys what he finds to be pleasing to look at. He also has a wonderfully Zen approach when asked what he thinks his collection is worth; "I have no idea. these are just things. While I am fully insured, if this place burned down today, I would be OK"
As well as being a former art professor, John is an amazing artist in his own right, his colorful work is scattered throughout the museum and is for sale in his gallery as well. Thanks John, for the tour, and for being such a gracious host!

Original comic art from a golden-age Wonder Woman comic; you just can't find stuff like this anymore!

This is the shirt and boots worn by the original Lone Ranger from the old film series. He had the guns, too!

Yup, that's the original Kenner Alien figure from 1979!

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  1. The wife and I just returned from this place and you are right - WOW!! There's really too much to see and a lot to absorb - every possible square inch of this place is filled with throw-back eye candy! I'm a big Popeye guy, a big fan of old-school animation and comics - so I can imagine my jaw was probably hanging open the whole time. John was a gracious host and I told him, that out of all there was to see in his museum it was his own art that I found the most compelling - being I am also an artist myself - and I marveled at the incredible detail. I didn't take any pictures myself but I am glad I came across your pics - as it gives me sort of a second visit! Thanks!!