Thursday, July 9, 2009

Spiderman 4 Villains Confirmed?

My son ran across an article last night stating that The Lizard and Carnage are going to be the featured villains in the next Spiderman film, along with the Black Cat as a possible villain/love interest. After very minimal research, it looks like a distinct possibility, and I, for one, hope not! While, I would love to see the Lizard, especialy since they've been hinting to it in every movie, I think Carnage is too similar to Venom to use on the big screen. There are still way too many classic baddies that would be a much better choice than Carnage! I would love to see Mysterio, Electro, Rhino or even Morbius waaaay more than Carnage! As for the Black Cat; eh, I could go either way - at the very least, it would be some decent eye candy. Read one of the articles Here.


  1. Carnage? Ah man I would have loved to seen any of the classic villains. Why Carnage?

  2. I hear ya brotha - I'm holding out hope that it's just a rumor.