Friday, July 17, 2009

Scary Interview!

Shock: When did you finally realized something paranormal was going on in the house?

Reed: There were little things that you kind of worry about. You're downstairs and you hear footsteps upstairs but no one is home. Or you hear someone yell "mom" and no one's there. But that could be explained away as your imagination, so that's what I did for a long time. For about two years. Then one night my niece had just come home from a date and she knocked on my door. She said "Aunt Carmen it's happening again". So I went into the bedroom with her and started reading the bible, trying to put her mind at ease and prove to her that there were no such things as ghosts. While I was doing that she said, "Aunt Carmen, can you feel it coming?" I told her I couldn't feel anything and she wrapped her arms around me. She did that three times and on the third time I saw a hand up under her nightshirt. I could see the knuckles of the hands and the outlines of the fingers. Then it flew toward the back wall and out the window and it laughed this hideous laugh. That's when I knew the house was haunted.

I found this great interview with the real mother; Carmen Reed, from "The Haunting in Connecticut" on ShockTillYouDrop. I'm not kidding guys, this made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up - especially when she describes the appearance of the entity. Whether you believe it or not, it makes for a great read! Check out the whole spine-tingling interview Here.

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