Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Feature: Comic Book Trivia Question! Prizes Galore!!

OK, here's a new idea; I love trivia, and I love comic-book trivia even more, so I will try to ask a trivia question to my loyal readers at least once a week. Here's the best part; the winner will receive a FREE vintage comic from my very own collection, a mystery gift, and a super-awesome 3-D Monster sticker!!! I will pose the question today, you guys post what you think the answer is in the comments area, and the first one to post the correct answer wins! Simple as that. I will provide the answer as well as name the winner the next day.The winner will then send me his/her address and HOPEFULLY a photo that I can put on the blog for the whole world to see! I will then ship the prize out, free of charge! Also, I'm putting all of you on the honor system, so no internet cheating! Remember, you'll only be cheating yourself, and Santa is watching.

So here's the first question;
"were sex toys EVER advertised in a Spiderman comic, and if so, what issue/title?

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