Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Speechless.....

My good friend Marty, who has been tirelessly promoting my blog & art has truly outdone himself! He called me this morning and tells me to look at his latest auction; I pull it up on Ebay, and instantly, I'm looking at my beautiful 3-D Monster logo, permanently tattooed to his big ol' bald noggin! Check it out Here! This guy is insane!!! Now I feel obligated to keep my online babblings going on forever! I'm also the high bidder to get it put on the other side of his head as well! I can not wait to get a hi-res photo of this to frame & put on my wall!


  1. This dude is crazy! That shit doesn't come off.

  2. No sir, it sure don't! (gleeful giggle)