Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yesterdays Adventure: TRIP TO LEWISTON!

Yesterday was a fine day indeed; we all huddled up in the family cruiser and set our sights for Lewiston, Maine, which is about an hour from where we live in West Paris. The occasion was to celebrate my oldest son's stellar report card and the 4 awards he received from the school. Our first stop was the world-famous New China Super Buffet, where they have an obscene amount of glorious chinese cuisine to choose from. The sesame chicken was my favorite.

After making ourselves good and miserable, we visited Bull Moose Music in the adjoining Lewiston Mall where I purchased Rob Zombie's Halloween. They also had an awesome reproduction "Land of The Lost" metal lunchbox with the entire series on DVD included inside.

Next, the kids and I went to the pet shop & played with ferrets!

Finally, we ended our trip with a viewing of "Night at The Museum 2"; a corny, but over-all enjoyable movie to watch!

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