Friday, June 19, 2009

Top 10 Comic Covers EVER!!! (In No Specific Order)

1.)Hulk King-Size Special #1 by Jim Steranko. No other image captures the Hulk's strength and persistence better!

2.) Tales From The Crypt #23 by Al Feldstein. Al Feldstein is my favorite horror artist of all time - his use of heavy lines and vibrant colors captures the look of horror like noone else!

3.) No list would be complete without a Jack Kirby cover, and IMO, Avengers #4 is the definitive Kirby cover! I mean c'mon, he's the KING!

4.) I remember picking up this issue when I was a kid and being absolutely blown away by this John Romita cover; it was so dark & mysterious - you had to look inside!

5.) Bob Layton does a perfect job of capturing the inner torment of a man gripped by alcoholism; those eyes are haunting!

6.) Nobody portrays animated corpses these days any better than Arthur Suydam; I especially love this take on the first appearance of Ironman with the rusting metal and rotting flesh!

7.) As a kid, my favorite cartoon was the Superfriends episodes that featured "The Legion of Doom". I always enjoyed how each hero had an "evil" counterpart. Alex Ross does a fine job of illustrating the duality of the super hero for this cover of "Justice Vol. 2.

8.) Jim Steranko defined comic art for the 1960's plain and simple.

9.) Steve Ditko knew how to cram as much action into one cover as possible! In this, the first appearance of the Green Goblin, Spidey fans knew that they had just met his greatest foe!

10.) Bob Kane was a revolutionary artist for his time; the idea of having a stark, black cover with only a lone spotlight shining on our heroes was an unusual choice, but one that would help to define an American icon.

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  1. Some nice selections. I would have included Frank Frazetta's EC Weird Science cover contribution and John Romita's Amazing Spider-Man cover for issue #50.

    It's interesting to note that although Bob Kane created the Batman & Robon characters, nearly all of the artwork was ghosted by other artists. Even his signature was forged by whatever artist was drawing the title at the time.

    The number ten pick on your list was actually drawn by Jack Burnley. This image was used for the first Batman daily newspaper strip and the pose was also used many times for promotional purposes.

    -Bill Berube