Friday, June 12, 2009

Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time....

I bought this interesting - looking contraption brand new off the internet a couple of years ago thinking it was the perfect solution to my 1 hour commute to my job; it had a windshield, wiper blades, a convertible roof, trunk, radio & CD player, and supposedly reached speeds up to 75 MPH while achieving 90MPG. Sounds like a good idea right? WRONG!!!! OK, here's the reality; the windshield wiper had to be constantly re-set b/c it would go to far to the side and come off the windshield, the CD player worked great IF YOU WERE ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY STILL, the radio wouldn't pick up anything but country stations, the MPG was more like 65, the roof latch broke after the first week, and the only way that thing was gonna do 75 MPH was when it went over a cliff....on fire. The fastest it would go was 50 MPH on a level road. Oh, and their customer service department sucked, too! Oh well, you live and you learn! Don't buy scooters from China!!!

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