Friday, June 12, 2009

Pic From My Old Job

I was going through some old pictures this morning and ran across this one of my old work table from back in '03 when I was making custom Mego toys for a living. Judging by all of the finished figures on the table, it must have been a good week!


  1. Sweet pic, do you still do customs? Like your blog by the wat found you via Geek Orthodox

  2. Thanks! Nah, copyright laws put the custom gravy train to a grinding halt a few years ago. I even sold off my supplies awhile back. You can find al least one on Ebay at any given time, though. I just bought one of my Brainiac figures on there last week for the low price of $25. It was bittersweet - I was happy to get such a deal, but bummed that one of my pieces sold so cheap!