Monday, June 22, 2009

One of my Creations Has Come Home!

When I surf Ebay, I always look to see if any of my old Mego customs are up for auction, and if they are, what are they going for these days. I ran across one of my old Brainiac figures with a starting bid of $24.99 and an extremely crappy picture. One of my biggest regrets was not saving any of my customs; I tried, but everytime I looked at them on my shelf, I saw a hundred dollar bill instead of a toy. "I can always make another one for me to keep later" I would tell myself, but I never did, and a few years ago I had a MAJOR computer crash and lost all of my package designs (I know, I'm an idiot for not backing up my files). And later, I sold all of my custom supplies. So anyway, I put a bid on Brainiac and won! It was bittersweet; I was excited to get it for so cheap, but I was a little hurt that one of my figures sold for such a low price! Anyway, the old boy has held up well over the past few years! To see more of my customs, check out my Flickr page as well as Mego Central.


  1. At least your customization did sell. If I customize (if i can), I guess no one will buy any for it. However it is amazing to see the circle is complete. I mean what the chances of that happening? :)

  2. Aw, don't sell yourself short - that's what I used to think, but then I made a decent living doing just that for three years - woulda been longer too, if it weren't for those pesky copyright laws!