Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dark Rides!

When I go to a state fair or amusement park, nothing gets my lil' geek-heart a-pumpin' like the haunted house rides! I can remember as a kid, getting in line to ride, hearing the screams from inside, and stepping out of line. I would do this quite a few times before I finally got brave enough to follow through, and there is no greater exilleration than when those doors would fly open and your cart would be engulfed in darkness! What terrors would lie within? Usually floor buzzers, lunging skeletons, vampires and witches; all decayed with age and painted with that wonderful day-glo paint! Even the old hanging mop over the head gag would get a scare out of me! And if you were lucky enough, there would be a carny dressed as Frankenstein waiting for you at the end! Here is a great site for funhouses and dark rides - enjoy!

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