Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crazy 4 Cult!

Charles Cochran - "Singin' In the Rain"

Jen Rarey - "Milton"

Michael Page - "Out For A Stroll"

Mark Brown - "Wily Gets A Grenade"

James "Jimbot" Demski - "I'll Swallow Your Soul"

Chet Zar - "Dawn"

Carlos Ramos - "Barbarella"

I first ran across this art show, held at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles from our good friend Kirk Demaris at his blog; Secret Fun Spot. Kirk was already a contributer, doing painted family portraits from various movies (see his Torrence family potrait featured above). Anyway, I found a page of available artwork from last year's show that is incredible! I've included my favorite pieces, but see them all Here!

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